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On the 15th anniversary of her death, The Deana Kendrick Foundation is pleased to announce that Ms. Paulette McCain has been awarded a scholarship to the J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College in Richmond VA. Welcome to the TDKF family.

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Fall 2015 Scholarship Recipient

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The Deana Kendrick Foundation is pleased to announce our newest recipient, Deana Harris.  Deana is working on her B.A. in Human Services at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis.

Fall 2015

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If you would like to apply for a scholarship from The Deana Kendrick Foundation, please have them postmarked by August 28.  Application is available on the blog, and make sure you read the FAQ to see if you qualify.

Spring 2015

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Sorry for the delay.  We will be accepting scholarship applications for Spring 2015 until February 6.


Twelve years later

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Remember when Dad got a video recorder and started putting the recorder in our faces to document everything?  Yeah, me neither.  But I had a large stack of VHSC’s sitting around that stirred those memories.  I finally took them all in to be developed.  It cost more than a car payment, but was totally worth it.  We were all grown, all young adults by then, and so many of them were family reunions and people singing.  Plus Christmas morning with the five of us.  Growing up it always seemed as if there would forever be the five of us, and to go set five plates at the table would seem natural even now.

The videos bring back your talk, your mannerisms, the way your hands looked.  Those are the things I miss the most.  A part of me wants to crawl back into the video and back into that life.  But I have a child now, and I can’t take her back with me, and I must live with two feet firmly planted on the ground of now.

So today your anniversary has happened again, for the twelfth time.  We have company for the holidays, as is often the case given the close proximity of your death and the holidays.  It’s a great distraction from the bitter reality of this day.  Each person I bury makes me feel a bit older, but when we put you in the ground, I felt like I aged a thousand years.

A happy update on your nieces:  Mackenzie is asking for clothes and make-up for Christmas and is no longer a kid with her toys; Marissa is a reader and a deep thinker just like you and beautiful beyond belief; and Ella Bean started kindergarten this year and wants to be a gymnast when she grows up.  Mom has made a passel of friends and is out living life.  Quay is dating a nice lady.  Charlotte Whittmore is still receiving scholarships from The Deana Kendrick Foundation and will graduate soon.  Vegas is still standing and going strong.  It’s changed a lot since we used to rendezvous in sin city, but I suspect sisters are still meeting up there and making memories in their own space and time.  I’m sure glad we did.

Fall 2013

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The Deana Kendrick Foundation is pleased to announce that we renewed a scholarship for Ms. Charlotte Whittmore for the fall 2013 semester. Ms Whittmore is a student at Northwest Arkansas Community College. Applications for spring of 2014 are due on December 20, 2013 .

Reflections on Eleven Years

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Every year your anniversary sneaks up on me, and every year, I think it will somehow be easier.  It never is.  The night before your anniversary I invariably think, this was the last time my life would ever be completely okay and untarnished.

Last night we went to see Chris Isaak in concert, and he didn’t play the first song of his I loved, Graduation Day.  Maybe just as well, as it always takes me back to that time period after your death, right when you were supposed to graduate college.  I can remember so vividly flying out to California and walking for you at your graduation ceremony.  They handed me your diploma and I thought, “well, you did it baby, just a little too late.”  I remember thinking those Graduation Day lyrics in my mind as I walked to the car in the rain.

Thinking of a time when everything was right. 
Thinking of a time with only you and I
Makes me sorry that it had to end that way
Learned my lesson now there’s nothing left to say, graduation day 

Your scholarships still go out, and it’s comforting to know that there’s a little bit of your influence still floating around out there.  You have three nieces growing up, as kids do.  The only one you got to meet was Mackenzie. I wish you could see her now.  She’s a strong little lady, and confident, too, a quality that eluded us both as girls.  She was just a baby when you died, so as she gets older and older, it’s a reminder of just how long you’ve been gone.  You never met Marissa, but she is most like you in personality:  sweet, gentle and compassionate.  And Ella Bean looks a bit more like you every day.  I wish they could have known you.