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We receive more emails and letters than we can possibly answer, so I’ve tried to answer the primary ones here.

  1. Do you only give to students of Foothill/DeAnza  College or Ozarks Technical Community College?

    No, we give those students consideration first and then we read the other applicants.  All other things being equal, our preferred campus applicants will receive the scholarship.

  2.  Is their an income cap?

    Yes and no.  We have a range of $30,000 in which we usually cut off, but if you live in a major metropolis we will consider a higher income.  If you live in a suburb of a major metropolis, please let us know in the application process, because we may not recognize the name of your town.  Also, some people have special circumstances, like a large family to support, or a family member with high medical expenses.  Please include those facts on the application.

  3.  I didn’t find a downloadable application.

    Go to the scholarship application page and create a word document with the information requested.

  4.  Can we email the application or can my recommenders e-mail their letters?

    They can, please e-mail it to  Make sure we have phone numbers because we will call your recommenders if you make the short list.
  5. How will you notify me if I’ve been awarded a scholarship

    ?We will update the website to state that the recipients have been notified.  We don’t have the time or money to notify each individual;  some semsters we receive 100’s of applications, and we’re all volunteers.

  6.  Is my donation tax deductible?

    Yes, you may claim a portion of your contribution just like any other charity.

  7. What are you looking for in an applicant?

    We are looking for a kindred spirit of Deana’s.  We like to keep that information to ourselves so they will be authentic.  Be sincere.  And please be sure to spell her name right.  Deana’s mother is on the board and the fastest was to end up in the “No” stack is to misspell her name.  We promise you it’s spelled correctly on the website.

  8.  Do you need my SSN, tax returns, child support decrees, or transcripts?

    We very  muchly don’t want it because we don’t want that many social security numbers to be accountable for.  When you make our short list, we rank you in order of preference, and then we notify you that we need your social security number and a written release from your school.

  9.  Do you grant scholarships to graduate or doctorate students?

    No.  Our scholarships are small in nature and are better suited for community colleges.  Grants range from $125 – $500.  We will consider a scholarship for a Bachelors degree but we don’t increase the size of the amount if you receive one.


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  1. Would you please be a little more specific with the scholarship process/deadlines? I don’t see where they are listed. How often do you accept applications? What are the deadlines. I would like to know about the deadlines for 2016. So, there is no online application? Do we just type the requested info and submit it ourselves? As you can see, I’m a little confused.

    • Our next deadline is August 12. Yes, just go to the scholarship page and type/answer questions. You can copy and paste into word document and email.

  2. Do you guys give scholarships to Oregonians?


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